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In the exception of haute couture with ELIE SAAB

The Lebanese couturier infuses all of his elegance and refinement into a wardrobe of 12 exceptional Aubade pieces designed for day, night and your most magnificent evenings.

: Adored by the stars and present on every red carpet worldwide, Elie Saab is renowned for creating exquisite materials and cuts that enhance the female body. Following in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor & Rolf and Iris van Herpen, it's now the Lebanese couturier's turn to brighten up Aubade with his touch of couture. From the first light of day to the last hours of night, the collection he designed for Aubade is based on French embroidery with motifs that are both soft and illustrative. Placed on black tulle to flirt with gold or delicate nude pink, they give life to sets of stunning elegance: refined corbels and triangles combined with three shapes of stockings that draw elegant wisps on the skin. He also designed a bustier and two ultra-sensual bodysuits (with or without long sleeves). For a night out or an evening for two, succumb to the voluptuousness of a satin nightdress with embroidery, a top and shorts or loose trousers, a nightie and long kimono.

Three exceptional pieces complete this exquisite line: a bustier and thong embellished with gold medals reveal a play on transparency and opacity, while a long, voluptuous chemise invites sensuality with a sublime double décolleté and lace that highlights every curve of the body. As it represents a real treasure, this collection is sold exclusively on the Aubade website in November.

For this exceptional collection, the two brands used exquisite French materials and techniques in the pure tradition of lace and corsetry.

Elie Saab's couture spirit shines through in every piece of this stunning collection marked by luxury and elegance. The Lebanese designer and Aubade called on the French embroidery house Leveaux for this collection. Based in the north of France, the ancestral birthplace of embroidery, it has perfected the magnificent lace used on the nightwear sets and pieces in the collection

It took many months to bring the sketches to life, in creating powerful yet delicate embroidery designs. The utmost care was taken to give them a subtly golden shade of black, or a nude pink as fragile as a flower petal. Inspected by eye and caressed by hand, every centimetre of these delicate fabrics gives this collection its exclusive feel and couture beauty. Like jewels to enhance the body and skin, it has been passionately designed out of love for women and their multifaceted beauty. Take a look behind the scenes of their creation.