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The incredible power of lithotherapy

How much do you know about this curious ancient art? Literally meaning "healing through stones", lithotherapy can tell us a lot about the strengths and virtues of our favourite gems.

Maybe you believe in the power of the stones, maybe you don’t. Either way, it’s reassuring to think a protective talisman or lucky charm could bring happiness, lift our mood and promote wellbeing.

We know from historians and archaeologists that these beliefs are far from new: ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks and Romans enthusiastically adorned themselves with amulets, pendants and other protective jewellery set with amber, agate, quartz, carnelian, and more...

Some civilisations even believed that precious stones, semiprecious stones and crystals had healing powers and could cure various afflictions. Whether you’re drawn to their supernatural powers or simply their beauty, check out our gem guide for some positive vibes and beautiful energy.

Diamond: the undisputed king of gems, and the most powerful. Not only does it amplify the intellectual capacities of its owner, it also absorbs the powers of other stones. Some even consider it to be the ultimate antidote to any poison.

Opal: the most powerful good luck charm of all the stones. Singles take note: synonymous with sensuality, this beautiful, white gem has been known to give Cupid a helping hand. Because of its immense powers, opal should not be worn with other stones.

Moonstone: it may not have fallen from the night sky, but it has the power to protect travellers on long journeys. Its poetic name is associated with sensitivity, which may be why some believe it can reconcile estranged lovers. This stone is also reputed to promote hormonal balance and soothe stomach aches.

Rose quartz: find or rediscover your self-confidence. Calming and reassuring, this pink stone improves concentration and is thought to help mend a broken heart. It may be an adrenaline booster, but it’s also an excellent aid to restorative sleep.

Sapphire: maybe you prefer blue? When it comes to spiritual powers, the sapphire has much in common with the emerald. It stimulates insight, intuition and communication. Some also say it enables the wearer to predict the future.

Lapis lazuli: you’re in luck with this one! Giving hope and courage, this stone also stimulates creativity and lifts your mood. Eliminating toxins and combatting allergies are among its health benefits.

Emerald: sweet dreams are made of this! A stone to alleviate sadness and insomnia, the emerald is also thought to activate psychic abilities.

Ruby: symbolising love and friendship, vitality and royalty, the reddest of gems is also used to ward off misfortune and ill-health.