Colours to celebrate life

Aubade's Spring-Summer collections are bursting with bright and cheerful colours. A great way to explore how colours influence our everyday lives and enjoy an introduction to colour therapy.

They symbolise personality traits, both positive and negative! They can also help manage life’s little ups and downs. Why not choose your colours based on your mood or personality, or when you need a boost of energy, insight or peace? Here's a quick introduction to colour therapy, inspired by the main colours in this season's Aubade swimwear collections.

Pink: symbolises love, happiness, charm and beauty. A sign of contentment and good health, it can also disguise a touch of naivety or indecisiveness. But on an everyday basis, it brings patience and tranquillity, keeps us feeling young and fights stress and sadness. Because we all like to see the world through rose-tinted spectacles!

Purple: this spiritual colour represents intellect, femininity and energy. Soft, soothing and reassuring, it encourages daydreams, escapism and meditation, but can also represent melancholy or even solitude. As it encourages concentration, it helps us to work peacefully. It may also help with insomnia and migraines, as well as improving circulation.

Red: the ultimate colour representing life, love and passion, red represents a courageous, enthusiastic and hard-working character. But whilst too much red can make us angry and unpredictable, not enough red can also lead to laziness, weariness and fatigue. By stimulating mental activity – as well as improving blood pressure, according to colour therapists – red revitalises and tones, and boosts creativity and energy.

Green: symbolising luck and hope, as well as the more obvious nature and freshness, green brings harmony, stability and concentration. It encourages us to rest, leading us towards the freedom and inner peace of a thoroughly independent person who yearns for the peacefulness of the great outdoors. A colour representing vitality and fitness, green is used to reduce fatigue and help heal deep-seated emotional traumas.

Orange: a combination of red and yellow, this is the colour of movement and a zest for life. Really vibrant, it represents optimism, creativity, communication, safety, teamwork and human kindness. But it also evokes jealousy and untruths. For anyone who loves nature, other people as well as life and all its pleasures, orange can act as an anti-depressant, stress reliever and digestion aid.

Yellow: festive and appealing, it represents the sun, summer, celebrations and friendships. But beneath its joyful exterior, yellow can also symbolise jealousy and betrayal. Those who love yellow are strong, optimistic and cautious. In colour therapy, yellow signifies a need for light. Its soothing hue is said it stimulate the digestive system and stomach, as well as improving the memory.

White: the simplest of all colours, it is the universal symbol of peace and purity, as well as knowledge. It exudes strength, wisdom and empathy. White is the sign of a dreamy, creative, honest and independent character, but also one which can be shy or even introverted. Stimulating the mind, intellect and inner youthfulness, it is said to bring a sense a harmony by purifying the body and various aspects of life.

Blue: its shades symbolise contemplation, serenity and dreams. The colour of the soul, sea and sky, it instils a yearning for travel, escapism and change; it can suggest a loyal, reliable, sincere and generous personality, or conversely an anxious, melancholic killjoy. In a lighter hue, it is said to have relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. Darker shades can induce sleep (like the famous midnight blue!) and impede communication.