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Cover yourself in gold and silver

They form the basis of all jewellery. Perfectly complementing any skintone, eye or hair colour, gold and silver are also an absolute winner when it comes to fashion... for outerwear or underwear. A quick guide to wearing precious metals.

Gold is for darker skintones, and silver (or white gold) is for paler complexions. That's what traditional rules often dictate. But not only are rules made to be broken, gold and silver look just as good on any skintone. They flatter any eye colour or any shade of hair.

The milky white skin of a flaming redhead looks just as fabulous with a fine silver chain as with a gold choker necklace. Just as a brunette's sun-kissed hands will shimmer with rings and bracelets made from either gold or silver.

So it all boils down to one thing: just choose the precious metal you like the best. Still not sure? Go for the perfect compromise: rose gold. As a stand-out piece or more subtle, this gold and copper alloy is this season's must-have jewellery trend.

Just follow your instincts when it comes to style, too. Silver or gold lamé looks fabulous worn from head to toe, with a dash of cool colours (blue or purple) for silver and a touch of warm colours (as well as dark green, or conversely white, pearl or matt) for yellow gold to wear over an accessory, for example. Can you mix them up? You certainly can! This combo is ideal for a party begging for glitz and glam, or team it with a plain black piece to tone it down for an evening outfit.

Also try a dash of lurex: a few threads woven into a crisp white shirt or a white chiffon blouse, or a slinky midnight blue, emerald green or dark red dress will turn heads for daytime or evening wear.

For underwear, many of the Aubade lingerie styles feature gold, silver or coloured lurex this season. Give them a try, you'll love them!