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Aubade's history

Aubade, more than 60 years of seduction.

1950 : Aubade, the creation

Created in 1875 by Doctor Bernard, a corset specialist, the Aubade brand was founded in 1958, when panties and girdles were essential elements of women’s lingerie collections.

No longer bound by the requirement to provide physical support, Aubade writes the first chapters of its story by offering sensual and glamorous products: lingerie becomes a real weapon of seduction.

1960 : Aubade, the pioneer

The image of the fussy 1950s woman with her sharply sculpted silhouette is gradually replaced by a freer look.

Aubade is the first lingerie brand to make matching colored bras and underwear. The lingerie set is born and collections reflect fashion trends and the changing seasons.

The brand’s first communication campaigns are impertinent and provocative, knowing and elegant. The tone is set: 30 years of Aubade advertising would follow, with the same themes and a dash of humor.

1970 : Aubade, audacious

Audacity is probably the best way to describe 1970s fashion!

Aubade is already a savvy mix of seduction and technical prowess. The brand is responsible for certain innovations that marked the history of lingerie: the first strapless bras, halter bras, the legendary “Agrafe-coeur” (the bra that hooks in front)… As for the advertisements, they are provocative and avant-garde, focused on the relationships of couples.

1980 : Aubade, provocative

Wardrobes throw aside their fussy outfits and embrace eccentricity and even provocation.

It is at this precise moment that Aubade draws inspiration from dance and creates the most mini creation of them all: the first thong! Quickly adopted and copied, it becomes the essential G-string.

Men make their debut in the brand’s advertisements, as does the black & white format. The tone and codes are set. 20 years of campaigns will follow on these bases and the theme of a knowing relationship.

1990 : Aubade and its very seductive lessons

In the 1990s, fashion reaches a turning point. It’s time to test new things and undergo new experiences. All trends are in fashion.

For Aubade, this is the decade when its cult products are launched: the Bahia, the calendar… The 1990s also represent another keystone for Aubade: the launch of the first Lesson in Seduction. This is a real turning point in the development of the brand! These artistic and esthetic lessons are an ode to the seductive power of women, their refinement and their elegance.

A black & white photograph that embellishes the body, but also the lingerie, accentuating a well-advised feminine tip with ironic humor. Aubade goes one step further and displays a beautified woman’s body in the streets for the first time! A series of posters that has instigated a real “French art of loving” for more than 20 years.

2000 : Aubade, visionary

The decade of technological, industrial and fashion innovations!

There wasn’t a Y2K bug, but there were definitely innovations at Aubade: encouraging women to love their bodies at the beach as well, the House launches its swimwear line, which would be available in Aubade boutiques as of 2006.

The technological innovations continue: the “Petite Tricheuse” panties reshape curves and lift the buttocks. And the “String Minimum” weighs a mere 5 grams. The brand dresses women all day long: lingerie, swimwear, loungewear, stockings and tights are now all on offer at Aubade.

2010 : Aubade gets sassy

Fashion, fashion, fashion… for men too!

Aubademen, the playful and sexy boxer line, is launched in 2013. The knowing relationship between men and women goes even further. Aubade now offers a line of mischievous and sexy lingerie specially created for romantic games: the «Boîtes à Désir»!

In 2013, Aubade creates a new weapon of seduction and launches its first fragrance, an ode to women, a sensual and elegant scent.

2017: Parlez-vous Aubade ?

There is life after Lessons…

After more than 25 years and 183 “Lessons in Seduction”, Aubade is now beginning a new chapter in its history and its communications.

Aubade is starting a new conversation that builds on its famous 25-year Lessons campaign…

For years, Aubade has been at women’s sides, encouraging them to be free. Now, Aubade is continuing in the spirit of the unforgettable Lessons in Seduction that inspired a whole generation of women in France, whilst adapting to the new, instant communication methods offered by new technologies, with a new direction that speaks to all women.