The Aubade campaigns

For years, Aubade has been offering women the opportunity to unleash their powers of seduction through lingerie and their own body.

Season after season, ever since the launch of its 'Lessons in Seduction', Aubade has been celebrating women and their beauty as well as their strength and free will. They are free to decide whether or not to deploy their weapons of seduction. What exactly are these weapons? First and foremost, their spirit, finesse and sense of humour. To build on this unforgettable campaign that impacted an entire generation in France, Aubade decided to offer women a completely new approach.

Within this philosophy of femininity, there is not just one woman, but many women. Against a backdrop of freedom and the choice of being themselves, and only themselves. Aubade invites women to explore every facet of their personality.

Play at being yourself or someone else, blur the boundaries by reinventing yourself in a different style of lingerie every day. Women have fun with sensual suggestions and ignite desire when they feel like it. 'Parlez-vous Aubade?' is like a conversation starter. Everyone can use their own language to express their femininity. Like a key theme rather than a game of seduction, this language is a sincere declaration to women: be yourselves, retain your own freedom of choice and desires.

What about you, do you speak Aubade?