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Putting you first

Treating yourself and putting yourself first isn’t selfish at all; it's important to feel good, whether you’re on your own or with others. Here are a few good reads to help with your self-care.

Testimonies, methods from around the world, studies, collections of positive thoughts: bookshop shelves are heaving with books about personal development. Here are a few titles to add to your reading list.

Self Esteem, by Christophe André and François Lelord (published by Odile Jacob).

These two psychologists have already published The Power of Emotions. That book speaks volumes. This time, the authors ask you the question: how do you see yourself? By establishing where you are at, they deliver the keys to living in harmony with yourself and others.

One day, I decided to pretend I was a tortoise by Nathalie Desanti (published by Odile Jacob).

As a journalist and psychotherapy coach, this young woman oozes joie de vivre. She advocates for slow parenting and finding the right pace for you. A method that helps people to prioritise and free themselves from the constraints we impose upon ourselves, whether we have children or not. In summary, how to find a new, slow pace of life through a fictionalised account.

The Power of Chowa, by Akemi Tanaka (New Life collection, published by Hugo).

Chowa (or the quest for balance and harmony) is a concept that has existed in Japan since the dawn of time. Advocating for a different way of looking at the world and therefore of handling our everyday lives, it also offers tips for changing how we see ourselves. Arigato!

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle (published by J'ai Lu).

A personal development classic, translated all over the world. Simple yet profound teaching on how to reconnect with yourself, find your inner peace and live in the present moment to achieve "a state of grace, lightness and well-being".

Dare to be optimistic, by Catherine Testa (published by Michel Lafon).

Subtitled : "10 ways to truly, madly, deeply improve your everyday life", this bestseller is a way to engulf yourself in happiness. Daring to switch to a new way of life, becoming a new "you" and trusting yourself are the aims of this booked filled with mantras and inspiring examples.