Spring-Summer Collection 2022 - Shop

Jewelled passion

Inspired by the Autumn-Winter collection, jewellery is once again an essential accessory. New ways to wear it, in new styles: check out the new face of jewellery.

Flattering your neckline with a long necklace that reaches down to your cleavage is a fashion classic. Mixing things up by wearing it with a low V-neck back used to be a look reserved for evening outfits or even wedding dresses. But it's such a shame to limit this statement style to a few occasions. Especially when sweaters or dresses with reverse V-necks continue to hit the catwalks.

Rings are now designed to be worn in stacks. Just like rows of bracelets, they can be worn on each finger, in stacks of two, three, or even more! A way to make each and every hand gesture even more graceful as the jewels catch the light... and maybe somebody's eye.

And what about earrings? Many brands (and even jewellery designers) are now only offering them as single items rather than in pairs. This means that anything goes: go for an asymmetric look by wearing a single stud and a long pendant, combine different colours on each side of the face, or pair an organic shape with a more geometric line.

Be bold, liberated and inventive: jewellery is a great way to express yourself, your style and your personality. So have fun and shine like a star!