Spring-Summer Collection 2022 - Shop

Lingerie and jewellery, sensuality and symbolism

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other fascinating gems are the inspiration behind the new Aubade collection. Their hues hold many different meanings.

Underwear is the new jewellery for the skin. This season’s radiant lingerie embraces the deep and mysterious shades of precious stones.

Whether real or synthetic, these jewels hide many a secret, beginning with the deep symbolism behind their colours. Which gemstone represents you?


Deep or delicate, the blue of this gorgeous stone is not only the epitome of elegance: It also symbolises someone who is intuitive, open and caring.


Did you know that this stone is often dedicated to mothers? Unsurprisingly, its green hue is synonymous with patience.


Renowned for its incredible powers, this milky-white stone is the symbol of raw sensuality. Proof that jewellery and lingerie are a match made in heaven.

Lapis lazuli

Intense blue shades produce an electrifying effect. This crystal stands for friendship, wisdom and truth. Its wearer will never let you down.


Its flamboyant red and many tones are a declaration of wild love and passion, betraying the fiery temperament of she who wears it!

Rose quartz

With its delicate colour, no wonder it’s the stone of love and tenderness. It also reveals a certain taste, even a talent, for the arts.