New collection Spring-Summer 2021

Never turn your back...

Got your back

A woman's back is enigmatic and sensual. Often depicted in paintings, this part of the body is a source of fascination.

Intricate straps

The backs of the Aubade bras are also designed to catch the eye. Double straps, a triangular shape back: check out the designs from a new perspective. ​


As soon as his back is turned

This season, the Bahia & Moi line offers a brassiere with a daring crossover back that's designed to turn heads.

Comfort & seduction

The triangular shape back

Adorned with lace, the straps create a sensual and romantic back. Support is key to this confidently seductive line. ​

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A plunging shape at the small of the back

This season, lace plays and crosses the body for a sumptuous effect.


Check out our must-have accessories for a low back or backless style.

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