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The new erogenous zones

Your sensuality, my sensuality... Aubade shares its intimate secrets through ultra-sensual lingerie.

Underlining curves, playing with the body's shapes… that's what sensuality is all about, according to Aubade. It is also a way to express one's desires, to experience them and to explore them. This season, new paths are opening up – invitations to follow every line, every curve, guided by ribbons of lace and sets of clasps where you least expect them to be.

With the bodysuits in this year’s Spring-Summer collection, the back is transformed into a sexy map. The Hot Tension bodysuits, a reinterpretation of our iconic Boîte à Désirs (Gift of Desire), feature numerous nods to the world of bondage. The Nuit Sauvage bodysuits are made up of hyper graphic diamond-shapes and are just as seductive. Extremely low-cut, they reveal the hip dips and the side arch of the bust. As for the Flowermania line bodysuit, it emphasizes the back with an inverted lace “V”, and a removable lace collar.

The triangle bralettes follow the same path: the ties of the Hypnolove model feature a palm motif emphasizing the shoulder blades, while the Flowermania ones dress the line of the back with a wide lace band.

Playing with the forbidden, Aubade will also take you on a diversion via the hip, the dip that marks the waist. The Hot Tension panties and the Sensual Euphoria panties emphasize it with ties that can be moved higher or lower, depending on what inspires you. Then you just need to follow the new lines of the Sensual Euphoria suspender belt, which, with its explicit wide lace bands, adorns the hips as well as framing the crotch with a modern design.

You just have to follow the path.