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The iconic Aubade style, it creates a push-up cleavage. It shapes and lifts the breasts for a rounded bust.
The underwired triangle bra creates a deep, sexy cleavage while keeping the natural form of the breast.
The must-have for a deep, sexy cleavage. It pushes the breasts together and increases the volume of the cleavage.

The scarf push-up bra

Just like the push-up, the scarf push-up gives the breasts volume but with more coverage. Guaranteed comfort for all cup sizes.
With a comfortable, full-fitting cup, the T-shirt bra gently shapes the bust for maximum support that's invisible under clothing.

Shoulder full-cup bra

A semi-full cup shape, the shoulder full-cup bra supports the bust and creates sexy cleavage.
Worn as sexy lingerie or a ready-to-wear top, this new ultra-seductive piece not only lifts and supports the breasts, but also beautifully shapes the waist.

The wireless triangle

A soft shape that keeps the natural shape of the breasts, the wireless triangle (bralette) is the perfect bra for A-C cups looking for light support.
The bralette lets all cups enjoy the comfort of a wireless bra. For daily wear, under a semi-transparent top, the bralette provides ultimate comfort and support to A-E cups.
With a high-cut shape on the hips, the Shorty is a modern and suggestive shape. It enhance softly the silhouett with its stitchless details.
Wider at the sides than the shorty, the thongs are ideals for a discreet, sexy effect.

Italian briefs - Laced

Recognizable with its embroidered details on the back playing with transparency, the Laced is the perfect mix between confort and seduction whilst been one of the most covering shape.

Brazilian briefs - Bikini

The bikini is halfway between the thongs and the laced. Indeed, its opaque back gives all the confort you'll need for a day to day use and its cheeky cut on the front keeps it sexy.
The low-waisted bikini is cheeky and confortable. Providing less coverage than the bikini and laced with its low waist and narrow sides, the shape stays discreet under any clothes.

High-waisted briefs

Fashionnable and sexy, it provides comfort whilst adding a sexy and elegant touch.


Bodysuits are not only seductive but also offers so much comfort. In laces, embroideries or even tulle they are available in various fabrics, with various details and shapes. The bodysuit hihglight soflty your silhouet in every size.